Monday 15th

Today we will complete the listening part 4 exam task on page 50. Following this we will look at language to ask for and give clarification on page 49. 


Please complete page 48 of the book and check your answers at home. We will cover any doubts in class. 

For the answers, follow this link: Open World C1 answer key

Wednesday 17th 

Today we will focus on writing part 2, specifically how to write a proposal. We will plan the homework question in pairs, and look at useful language. 

Useful language: Proposal 

CAE Writing Guide


Page 51: part 8 exam task


The college you are studying at has recently received a modest grant to help it improve the service it provides for the students. The college has asked its students to submit proposals to the principal. In your proposal you should evaluate the current facilities and service provided, make recommendations for how they can be improved using the money from the grant, and state why these changes would be beneficial for the students’ education.

Write your proposal in 220-260 words in the appropriate style.