Today in class we will:

  1. What did you want to be when you were a child?
  2. What are some of the best and worst jobs you can think of?
  3. If every job paid the same amount of money, which job would you prefer to do?
  4. How does the job someone has determine who they are?
  5. If you have children would you ever dissuade them from choosing a particular career?
    • Artistic performer e.g. musician / actor
    • Journalist
    • Doctor
    • Soldier
    • Footballer

This will lead into exam practice for listening part 3 on page 45 and speaking part 3/4 on pages 46 and 47.



  • Part 1 exam task on page 41
  • Part 8 reading task page 42-43


Today we will begin by checking the homework and learn how to write a formal letter on pages 48-49 and cover the difference between formal and informal writing.

We will then learn 7 expressions/ phrasal verbs connected to the world of work using this Kahoot 

We will finish off the class with some speaking practice for part 2.


Complete the letter writing task in exercise 2 on page 48. This is the FORMAL version of the letter.