Today we will begin a new topic in the book about money and finances. We will: 

  • Complete the quiz on page 42 in pairs. 
  • Learn expression related to money on page 43
  • Complete the listening part 4 exam task on page 50.
  • Complete the following part 2 exam task: 
  • Talk about money and its evolution utilising interactive expressions from part 3 of the exam.

To finish class we will play a Kahoot about Money and finances idioms


Complete the Reading exam task on page 51

Write a report answering the question on page 50

Watch the Grammar on the Move video about conditionals and complete exercises 3 and 4 (page 42-43)

For those who aim to take the CAE exam, please complete the exam practice found in this link:

You can use the writing guide to help you:

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