Class 1

Today is Martin Luther king day

Students must complete the following sentences

I have a dream for my school/Community and the world

Reading page 30- Choose your perfect day

Page 31- Vocabulary emotions- choose the correct word

Class 2

Agree to disagree- Students will discuss the following debates and say if they agree or not with their partners

10 Debate Topics for Kids

1. Are pets useful or helpful?

2. What is better for learning; teachers or the internet?

3. Is junk food suitable for children or not?

4. Should students wear uniforms to school?

5. What is the right time to watch television for children?

6. Is virtual learning suitable for young children?

7. Should preschool students bring their toys to class?

8. What are the appropriate school activities for preschoolers?

9. What is the right time to sleep for students?

10. How long should a lunch break be?

Page 32- Exc. 5- complete the words

Listening page 32

Game- Kahoot-