Today we will start a new unit: Take care of yourself

We will begin by completing the quiz on page 36, and then complete the listening task in exercise 4 and 5.

We will watch a video about sleep and then learn about modals of obligation, necessity and advice on page 38. Students will work in pairs to give advice on how to live a healthier life and share with the group. 

We will finish with a bamboozle to practise these modals. 


Complete exercises 3 and 4 on page 37


Today we will start by completing the listening task on page 39. Afterwards, we will practise new expressions for giving our opinion. We will look at the expressions on page 39 and debate topics in small groups: Debate Topics

We will play a kahoot which covers topics covered in this unit.


Writing task: Article

Write 100 words on the following topic: