Today we will talk about the future and what our world will look like. First we will watch this video: Will the world in 2050 be terrifying? and discuss how we see the world in 2050.

Next students will read the article on page 55 and in pairs summarise one paragraph and explain it to the group.

Next we will practise making sentences with the future continuous and the future perfect on page 56 and finish with a bamboozle on this topic.


Complete grammar exercise 1 on page 74


Today we will start with revision of the future perfect and future continuous. We will discuss healthy living, watch a short video about sleep and look at the reading part 3 exam task on page 56 and complete it in pairs. Following on, we will discuss the essay question on page 57 and plan our answer as a class. 


Write and answer to the essay question on page 57