Today we will begin with some pair work:

  • Put the following organisms in order of intelligence:
    • Dolphin
    • Sunflower 
    • Jellyfish
    • Mold
    • Dog
    • Parrot

We will then complete the exercises on page 95 which centre on learning the meaning of words from their context. We will also look at the activities on page 96 to learn about word-building, specifically making nouns in reference to people. 

After the break we will focus on speaking part 2, concretely on making comparisons, using the material below and the photos on pages 97 and 101.

We will finish off with exam practice for part 2 of the listening exam. 


CAE exam candidates, please complete an exam practice found in this link:

FCE students:

You can use the writing guide to help you:

Exam tips and advice for CAE

For non-exam students: please complete:

Page 96 exercise 5

The essay task below:

The following part 2 exam task: