Today we will begin with a discussion about how we spent our easter holidays. Then we will begin a new topic in the book: Shopping! We will get our brains activated with a brainstorming game, and then talk about our shopping habits (where we shop, what we buy, how enjoyable shopping is…) and then watch a video to discover hacks to save money:

13 SHOPPING Hacks | Smile Squad Comedy

We will complete the quiz on page 54 and discuss our answers as a class. 

We will finish the class with a game to learn expression connected to shopping.


Complete the reading exam task on page 55.


Today we’ll start with a description game and conversation questions from the B1 exam to get students speaking. 

We will then revise the present perfect and past simple, how and when to use it, and then play the following games to practise: 

Present Perfect, Simple or Continuous

Then we will focus on for/since and just,yet, already.

For/since –


Present Perfect Kahoot