Today We will focus on the use of inversion to make writing more emphatic, dramatic and formal. We will start off with a role play in pairs about a terrible hotel experience before sharing our own travel stories. 

Next we will read about a nightmare hotel in Italy and look at the use of inversion in the text. 

We will focus more on how to construct sentences using this grammar (using a page from the compact advanced book and an exam practice) as well as putting it into oral practice with a second role play.



Holiday Speaking part 2 CAE

Today we will revise expressions of comparison and complete the speaking tasks on page 147. We will then look at the RUE task on page 148. We will finish by revising formal letter writing. In this case, a letter of complaint.


Complete the following exam practice paper: Cambridge Exam Practice – Freeway

Substitute the writing part 2 task for the review question we studied in class

You can use the writing guide to help you:

Exam tips and advice for CAE

FCE Exam candidates: