Welcome back everybody! Today we will start off the class by discussing our Christmas break and the different things we did, as well as answering questions about 2023 and 2024 and also New Year’s resolutions. This will include how they started, some of the most typical resolutions, and if we have made any. 




Today we will revise speaking about the future using the future perfect and future continuous.

We will first complete the quiz on page 54 with the words in exercise 1, and then discuss the meaning of the words in blue. Students will then take the test and compare their answers in pairs. 

We will then read the article on page 55 and each pair will summarise one paragraph and explain it to the group. 

Finally we will practise making sentences with the future continuous and the future perfect on page 56 and a bamboozle


Write and answer to the essay question on page 57